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Managing your organization's portfolio need not be fraught with complexity. Bidart & Ross, Inc. simplifies the decision making process that surrounds the creation, implementation and monitoring of investment strategies for institutional portfolios and trusts. For more than 20 years, clients have relied upon Bidart & Ross’ wholly independent, client-centric business practices to make better, more fully informed investment decisions. At Bidart & Ross, we're committed to providing fiduciaries of retirement plans and foundations with the kind of investment advice expected from a wholly independent advisor. Our “client first” philosophy focuses on objectivity, independent research and rigorous analysis to ensure clients receive customized solutions to meet their needs.

For more on how we provide clients the straightforward means for thoroughly understanding and better managing their investment portfolios, please take a few moments to explore our firm’s practices. About

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This paper explores issues that participants should consider before rolling their 401(k) account into an IRA.
By Eric Verling,CFA Bidart & Ross, Inc.

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Quarterly Market Commentary

2016 got off to a rocky start with a broad downturn in U.S. and international stocks and crude oil prices. From the start of the year to its bottom on February 11, the S&P 500 lost 10.3% of its value, oil prices fell to a 13-year low, and the 10-year Treasury yield declined 60 basis points....... Read the Full Quarterly Market Commentary

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“Understandably, the committee was more than a little skeptical that a 50% cost reduction could be achieved without giving up quality of service.” Click here for the Informed Sponsor Report